bempton cliffs


Bempton Cliffs are an incredible sight the cliffs are around 400 feet in height and almost appear to be falling away in to the North Sea. Bempton Cliffs are located in the heart of the largest bird colony in the UK. The entire area stretches around 4 miles starting from Filey to the Flamborough Head of Yorkshire. The best time to spot the rarer species of birds is from April to August.

The mesmerising natural beauty of Bempton Cliffs can leave anyone speechless. Bird watchers get the opportunity to spot birds such as Puffins, Herring Gulls, Barn Owls, Gannets the Tree Sparrow and many more. For those non bird watchers there are many other activities, you can enjoy the nature trails. Pack your bags and unravel the nature along with its wildlife with your family or friends. There are guides and volunteers available to help you at every step of your expedition or just simply enjoy the fresh air, tranquillity and the natural beauty of Bempton Cliffs.